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Grass vs. Grain Feeding.

Cattle in feedlots are "finished" by grain-feeding, putting more weight (but also fat) on them. "Marbling" in steaks is composed of fat deposits in the muscle. Up to 30% of a beef carcass can be fat, much of it as saturated fats. In nature herbivores (like cattle) don’t eat nearly this much grain. Grain feeding in feedlots also accounts for the majority of pesticide, herbicide, chemical fertilizer and agricultural petroleum use in the cattle industry. Our farming method minimizes environmental impact and our careful pasture management actually benefits the environment. In pasteurized (grass-fed) beef the fat is located predominantly outside the muscle, and the meat can contain up to 30% less fat than grain fed beef, as well as being lower in saturated fats. Studies in the Journal of Animal Science have reported that grass-fed beef is lower in total fat and calories and higher in healthy fats. We  also use natural minerals and vitamins, like kelp meal, to supplement our animal’s diets.

So why are farmers feeding cattle all this grain?

At first every steak lover will make the argument “…but I like a tender, marbled steak”, well, you haven’t tasted our tender, lean steaks yet!

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