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Raising Quality Meats.

We are a working example of the concept of the “100-mile diet”, locally grown, environmentally responsible ranching raising quality meats. We integrate conservation, environmental awareness and quality into everything we do. Our biggest reward is consumer loyalty. Each decision we make weighs customer satisfaction, to produce healthy, high quality and safe natural products. Faceless food-giants truck your food thousands of miles to their equally nameless customers, attracting customers with marketing and following regulations strictly for profit. We aren’t “organic” farmers, “organic” is just a set of regulations, we work on a set of principles. We feel that nothing encourages integrity in business like a close relationship with our consumers; we want you to come see how we raise our animals, we want you to care about the quality and the taste of the food you eat! And the price? The price is affordable, because it’s the same price we charge to our neighbours, friends, and family.

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Jac & Jose Hoppenbrouwers
White Creek Farms
2580 TWP 350
Red Deer County, Alberta T4G 0K5

Phone: (403) 318-6118

Email: WhiteCreekMeats@gmail.com

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